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Visitor's Information

First, we welcome every Brother who wishes to visit our Lodge.
If you hail from another jurisdiction, there are some things of which you need to be made aware when visiting a Pennsylvania Lodge.  In Pennsylvania, you are required to have a current Dues Card or receipt, a Travel Certificate, or other proof of membership, and currently be in good standing with your Lodge.
If our members cannot vouch for you, the Tyler of the Lodge will arrange for a committee to meet with you in the Examining Room to verify your credentials and claims that you are a Mason.  You should be prepared to prove your Masonic membership in an appropriate manner, although there is no specific ritualistic form that you should follow.  Our meetings start at 7:00 p.m., so please allow plenty of time for an examination should you expect to need one.
Dress Code:  We provide courtesy aprons for members and visitors, but you are most welcome to wear your traditional formal Masonic dress when visiting. The dress code for Lodge meetings is a contemporary style whereby a necktie is not required.  Jeans and t-shirts are not acceptable dress for Pennsylvania Masons; however, when visitors come from other jurisdictions, we are first and always hospitable and welcoming to our guests.
Pennsylvania Lodge officers wear tails, or tuxedo, and bowtie.
You will probably find that if you come from another Masonic Jurisdiction, our ritual may be a little different than you have seen in your Lodge.  You can learn more about these differences at this Grand Lodge web site.
You are also encouraged to contact the Lodge before you visit.  Please see our Contacts page for telephone numbers or e-Mail addresses.
You can also find directions to our facility on our Directions page.

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