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Lodge Tour

Take a tour of the Lodge Room and Masonic Center in
West Reading, Pennsylvania

The Lobby
The first area you see when you enter the Masonic Center is the large Lobby with it's display cases, grandfather clock, and seats along the wall.
The Anteroom
Before entering the Lodge room, the brethren gather here, don their Masonic Aprons, and generally socialize before and after a Lodge meeting.
Enter the Lodge Room
Lets enter the Lodge room.

The Lodge Room

The "Blue Room" from the South West

The Altar

The Lodge room as seen from just behind the alter.
The East

The Worshipful Master's Station

The South and West
A view from the secretaries desk in the north east, where you can see the Senior and Junior Wardens stations.
Meeting Room
This is one of 4 small meeting rooms used by the various Lodges for instruction or small informal meetings.
This particular room is where the "Board of Governors" meet.

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