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2010 Photographs

Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, December 18, 2010
Bro. Jon with a new gavel presented to him by Bro. Ray Miller.
Bro. Miller personally made the gavel in his woodshop.
Phil, Bob, and Kevin (Dave in the mirror!)
Another good turn out for breakfast.
Mike, Bruce and Heath chatting.
Extra Meeting
Tuesday, December 14, 2010
We conferred 2 Master Mason's Degrees this evening.
Shown is everyone responsible for some part in the degrees.
Great work Bretheren!
Worshipful Master Jon J. Dehart,
New Master Masons Christopher Mountain and John Koller,
and Michael P. Light, P.M.
Our Steward Corey had a nice cake for us after the meeting for refreshiment.
Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, November 13, 2010
The November Breakfast with the Boys event was held a week early
due to the Fall Scottish Rite Reunion.
Some new faces, some old faces, and everyone enjoyed the morning.
Usually it's our Brother Lou who is causing trouble...
For some reason, Bro. Jon thinks Lou should have a halo!


Annual Memorial Service
Stated Meeting, Thursday, November 4, 2010
Following the Memorial Service, the Worshipful Master introduced the new Master Masons for 2010.  Of 18 new members, 11 were present, including 4 from the recent One Day Masonic Journey class.
Three brother Brothers,
Paul R. Kantner, PM, Charles N. Kantner, and David L. Kantner
Bros. Paul & David celebrating their Masonic Birthdays.
One Day Masonic Journey
Saturday, October 30, 2010
One Day Masonic Journey Masons
Along with their Mentors
Enjoying Lunch together before completing their Journey are
some of our the new Master Masons and their Mentors. 


Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, October 16, 2010
Another great turnout for Breakfast!
This location was Giannotti's Berkshire.
Some of the usual faces, some new faces.
Some of the Brothers were banished to the children's table.
(Probably acting bad again!)
Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the fellowship.


Shrine Night
Stated Meeting, Thursday, October 7, 2010
Worshipful Master, Jon J. Dehart, P.M. with Noble Franklin D. Caltagirone, P.P.
Noble Frank is Hospital Chairman of the Board Emeritus, and Past Potentate of Rajah Shrine
The Award Winning Rajah Chanters
The Award Winning Rajah Chanters


Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, September 18, 2010
Another fine turnout for breakfast.
Bro. John getting in trouble again!


Casablanca: A film for all ages
Stated Meeting, Thursday, September 2, 2010
September Stated meeting program was an interesting and entertaining presentation by
Bro. Tom Labagh on Casablanca, the movie, the history, the actors.


Our Theater, aka the dining hall.


Movies complete with popcorn!
Kim tends the popcorn machine.


Bro. Tom Labagh as Humphrey Bogart


Bro. Tom Labagh continues his presentation as Bogey


Worshipful Master Jon Dehart with Tom Labagh


"The Usual Suspects"


St. John's at the R-Phils Game
Saturday, August 29, 2010


The Game


W.M. Jon gets a Tee Shirt


Family and Friends enjoying the game


All tied up!


A couple of old PMs enjoying the afternoon


JMC Gary and wife


P.M Mike & wife


The Ball Game Committee


Bob & Ryan


Bill & Ryan... Dad & Son


Lodge Picnic
Saturday, August 21, 2010
Great Turnout for our annual Picnic!


Visiting with the members is always fun.
Bro. Warren was sharing some history with our Worshipful Master.


Bro. Tarzan and his Lady relaxing with friends.


Serving the best roast pork around!


Bro. Corey tending the grill.


Of course, what would St. John's Picnic be like if there wasn't the Bocce Game?
Here's the Guys vs. Gals bocce competition in which the Ladies usually win!
Are we arguing over position again?


S. W. Dave Wells, PM serving the beans, and W.M. Jon DeHart serving pork


Nobody went away hungry!


Having a great time


Trouble... Bros Larry and Louie.


Great family event.


Guessing games... how many cookies, pretzels, peanuts, etc.


Blues Brothers


(I know you were thinking dumb & dumber!)


Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, August 14, 2010
Another Great turnout for the August breakfast.
Left to right - Jon, Gary, Bill, Bruce, Mike, Jeff


Bob handing out the Phillies Tickets with Phil and Harold.


Don with Ryan


Lou getting squashed between Jeff an Mike


Tarzan and Bill chatting


Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, July 17, 2010
Breakfast gang for July
Going around the table from left
Mike, Bob, Harold, John, Jon, Dave, Joe, Charles, Bill, Heath, Gary, Bill


Bill, Don, Bruce, Tarzan, and the back of Ed's Head


Lou keeping 'em laughing, with Bob and Mike


Pass the coffee!


All standing in line to pay... Seems the Treasurer wouldn't fork over any funds!


July Special Meeting
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
New Master Mason Steve, and the Degree team.


Brethren enjoying fellowship after the meeting.


Don and new Fellow Craft, Jeff.


Ice Cream, Cake... And they wonder way we're belly Masons!


Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, June 19, 2010
Breakfast gang for June
Jeff, Jon, Joe, Bruce, Lou on the Left
Gary, Mike, Phil on the Right
New Apprentice, Jeff and Jon


The Breakfast Master - Gary


After breakfast


June Extra Extra Meeting
Friday, June 18, 2010
New Master Mason Ryan, and the Degree team.
Presenting our new Master with his Bible.
Ice Cream is always a hit!  What happened to the Tux Jon?
Enjoying the fellowship after the meeting.
June Stated Meeting - Those Darn Dutch
Thursday, June 3, 2010
Don Pottiger receives his Treasurer's Jewel - Congratulations Don!


Bro. Paul Kunkel, Spoke on Pa Dutch Lore.



Sampling some typical Dutch treats.


Gathering to hear the speaker, sample treats, and of course the Strawberries!


Visitor from Perseverance Lodge No 21 - Tracy Bitner


Visitors and Members fressin' on Strawberries


Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, May 15, 2010
Corey, Jon, John, Gary, Bob


Bill, Phil, Lou, Joe, Mike
Thanks to Bob Roadcap for taking these!


Extra Meeting
Tuesday, May 11, 2010
New Master Mason and the Degree team of his co-workers (mostely)


Our Worshipful Master enjoying the last piece of pie!


Newly Raised Brother after the meeting.


Just Entered Bro. with a visiting friend from Isaac Hiester Lodge.


Substitute Steward for the evening, Bro. Greg.


First Breakfast with the Boys
Saturday, April 17, 2010
Nice turn out for our first "Breakfast with the Boys" event.


Corey, Phil and Steve


WM Jon acting up as usual!


April Extras
April 13 & 16
New Master Mason with the Degree Team and Recommenders


Fellowcraft and Entered Apprentice enjoying refreshments after their Degrees.


Official Visitation
Thursday, April 1, 2010 (April Fools Day)
Visiting Worshipful Masters of the 7th Masonic District
Left to Right: Bros. David C. Butkus, Russell L. Wingenroth, William L. Herz,
James R. Loy, P.M., Robert H. Vaiden, Rex L. Kissinger, Ernest D. Lopes,
with Louis A. Fiorini P.M. doing the introductions.


Victim of the Squirting Bow Tie.
Bro. David C. Butkus W.M. of Isaac Hiester Lodge No. 660


Time to Greet the visiting District Deputy Grand Master


Bro. Ed Stein DDGM receiving "Little Ed" from the Worshipful Master.


The "Glorious Orbs" of St. John's Lodge.
Bro. Michael P. Light, P.M., Bro Theodore "Tarzan" Hall, Bro. Bruce E. Gaston,
and Bro. Jon DeHart, P.M., W.M.


But it wasn't all fun and games, whoopee cushions and squirting bow ties...
We had some serious business as well
Bro. Clarence Shoup, Chaplain
Worshipful Master Jon DeHart recognizing Bro. Clarence Shoup for his
dedication to St. John's Lodge over the past 20 years as Chaplain.
25 Year Pin Recipient Bro. Frank Iannuzzo
Bro. Frank Iannuzzo receives his 25 Year pin from
W.M. DeHart and DDGM Stein.
25 Year Pin Recipient Bro. Richard H. Graul
Bro. Richard H. Graul receives his 25 Year pin from
W.M. DeHart and DDGM Stein.


Traveling Gavel
Somehow Chandler Lodge  wrestled the Traveling Gavel from Vaux Lodge!
Bro. Rex Kissinger W.M. Chandler Lodge No. 227


York Rite Night
Thursday, March 4th, 2010
W.M. Jon DeHart greeting Alfred Much, KYCH, Past Commander
With Anthony Manzolillo, Past Commander, Harry Eisenbise, Generalissimo,
Irvin Henry, KYCH, Past Commander behind them.
Reading Commandery No. 9, Knights Templar


Scottish Rite Night
Thursday, February 5, 2010
Scottish Rite Visitors with Lodge Officers


Scottish Rite Visitors


Special Meeting January 25th
Grand Lodge Visitation - Masonic Renaissance
Lighthearted chaos while getting ready for the meeting
St. John's Lodge Officers discussing the ever changing agenda.
Grand Lodge Officers with St. John's Lodge No. 435 Officers
Grand Lodge Officers with District Deputy Grand Masters
and Worshipful Masters of the 7th and 60th Masonic Districts
Worshipful Master Jon J. DeHart getting ready to start the meeting.
Let's get this show on the road!
Right Worshipful Grand Master presenting Service Awards
and pins to the 50 and 60 year members present.
Right Worshipful Grand Master presenting his 2010 Medallion to
St. John's Lodge through the Worshipful Master, Jon J. DeHart, P.M.
The 2010-11 Grand Master's Medallion celebrates the
100th Anniversary of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown
Right Worshipful Grand Secretary, Mark A. Haines
Making Comments
Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden, Raymond T. Dietz
Making Comments
Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden, Robert J. Bateman
Making Comments
Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master, Jay W. Smith
Making Comments
Right Worshipful Grand Master, Thomas K. Sturgeon
Making Comments


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